Original (Paper) Nutrition Screening Questionnaire
The questions used in this self-assessment of eating behaviours of seniors come from SCREEN (Seniors in the Community Risk Evaluation for Eating and Nutrition). SCREEN is a valid and reliable nutrition screening questionnaire that can identify nutrition problems early in their course and will help older adults to modify their behaviour. SCREEN has been used in national surveys and is used internationally to identify nutrition problems in community-living older adults. The originator of SCREEN is Prof. Heather Keller, RD, PhD, FDC.

About Nutri-eSCREEN®

Online Nutrition Self-Assessment Tool from Dietitians of Canada
Nutri-eSCREEN® is an online tool to accommodate direct use by older adults. The original Nutri-eSCREEN® online tool was developed by Dietitians of Canada to provide increased access to the nutrition screening tool, immediate user feedback and supporting links to nutrition education materials and community services.

The online tool was developed based on feedback from key informant interviews and focus groups with diverse seniors, as well as guidance from older adult and dietitian advisors, and approximately 50 older adult test site users.

For a list of all original contributors to the Dietitians of Canada Nutri-eSCREEN® online tool, please click here.

British Columbia Adaptation of Nutri-eSCREEN® Tool

The Province of BC identified a need to support older adults in assessing their eating behaviours. Working in collaboration with the original developers of the nutrition screening questionnaire and the developers of the online tools from Dietitians of Canada, the Provincial Health Services Authority licensed the use and adaptation of the tool for the province of BC. Original Nutri-eSCREEN® feedback messages were adapted by HealthLink BC and provincial food and nutrition advisors.


Office of the Provincial Dietitian, BC Ministry of Health (funder)
Population & Public Health, BC Centre for Disease Control, PHSA (project management)
Dietitian & Physical Activity Services, HealthLink BC (content creation)
HealthLink BC (content creation and implementation support)
Provincial Food & Nutrition Resource Stakeholder Advisory Group (expert content review)
Dietitians of Canada (technical development)

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